The Ticket Reserve, Inc. Receivership


The Receiver is creating a mailing list of investors, creditors and others who have a stake in the Ticket Reserve or Forward Market Media. If you are an investor or other stakeholder in Ticket Reserve or Forward Market Media and have not received an e-mail from the Receiver, please send your name and contact information (physical address, phone number and e-mail address) to the Receiver at

Welcome to the receivership website for The Ticket Reserve, Inc. a/k/a Forward Market Media, Inc.  This website was established to provide information regarding the status of the case as well as our efforts to recover assets for the investors' benefit.  If you have questions that are not answered by the website, please contact the Receiver's office directly.  His contact information can be found on the Contact Information page.


To All Persons Having Claims against Ticket Reserve, Inc., an Illinois corporation (sometimes doing business as Forward Market Media); (ii) Forward Market Media, Inc., a Delaware corporation; and (iii) Rights Acquisition Group, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company:

You must submit a proof of claim to the Receiver by the Bar Date of March 25, 2019. Failure to do so waives your claim; and your claim will be forever barred and will be unenforceable against the Receiver or the Receivership's assets.

Court Establishes Claims Process

The Court entered an order establishing a claims process. In order to have a valid claim against the receivership and to receive a distribution from the receivership estate, all creditors will need to file a proof of claim with the Receiver by March 25, 2019. You can find copies of the proof of claim form as well as instructions on the Claims page.

For more details on the claims process, you should review the Court’s Order Establishing a Claims Resolution Procedure and Setting a Bar Date, dated February 7, 2019. You can find a copy of the order on the Court Documents page.


Please do not call or write the Judge directly.  If there is something that you wish to bring to the Judge's attention, you must file a motion with the Court Clerk for the United States District Court, Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division at the following address:

United States District Court Clerk

Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division

1100 Commerce Street

Dallas, TX  75242

Documents filed with the Court must identify the case by its title and cause number:  Securities and Exchange Commission v.  Ash Narayan, The Ticket Reserve, Inc. a/k/a Forward Market Media, Inc., Richard M. Harmon, and John A. Kaptrosky, Civil Action No. 3:16-cv-01417-M​, filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas.​​  

You must serve any document that you file with the Court on the Receiver and other parties to the case. You can serve a document by mailing or hand delivering it to the Receiver at the address listed in Contact Information. You may also e-mail the document to the Receiver at